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Home is where the heart is

I finally have a moment to sit down and write! I’ve been quiet on the blog front the last month as I moved into my new abode in Kangaroo Point – river views and a free ferry right out front is not a bad deal! I never thought I would live in the inner city, let alone live on the 9th floor of an apartment building! In fact, I remember when I was in Brisbane in January 2019 making fun of someone who owned an apartment right in the city and who absolutely loved city life! How things can change in a year! God’s ideas are way better than ours! I’m excited now to be living so close to the heart of the city and it’s been enjoyable meeting some of the residents of my apartment building as well as those visiting from out of town (it also doubles as an apartment motel).

It’s a fully furnished place but it’s been fun making it into a home. I could tell story after story of failed Facebook marketplace buy attempts (what is with telling someone you’ll buy the thing…nek minute they say someone is on the way to pick it up) and how that relates to the issues of society. But I could also tell stories of some absolute gems of bargain buys, my favourite being a hammock that hangs from a steel frame on my balcony overlooking the Brisbane river. It’s my favourite place to relax and spend time with Jesus. I’m overwhelmed with gratefulness and joy every time I’m wrapped snuggly within, swinging gently, a coffee in hand and eyes softly closed. My other favourite thing is a maidenhair fern that sits on my shower windowsill, soaking up the humidity of the damp air and shining her elegance for my enjoyment alone. She is a real beauty!

I also find my creativity coming out when setting up a home, imagining what I would like and where I would place things. I never thought I was a creative person because I couldn’t do ‘art’ very well but I’ve since learnt that creativity comes in so many different forms, including ideas and writing and home decorating! But I’m even giving the ‘art’ thing a go, with watercolour painting being the starting point (and it may very well be the end point too)!

Overall I’m extremely thankful to be where I am and to be doing what I’m doing. God is so good!

I would also like to let you in on an invitation the Lord gave to me at the beginning of the year. The invitation was to visit every church in the Brisbane CBD and to write about it. So, starting from next week, I’ll be releasing a series titled ‘The chronicles of a single chick in a new city visiting every church in the CBD’. Quite a mouthful I know, but it’s been a fun little adventure so far and I hope to take you on the ride with me! It may take a few months to get to every church, but I’m determined to finish the task. So check in next week for the first in the series called ‘The Theatre Church’.

Oh, and if you’re interested at all in a little of what I’ve been doing with ministry, check out

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